Salutation MCC

Royal British Legion

Help for Heroes

As soon as we have confirmed the line-up, we shall put the details on this very page...but you know they'll be great!


The usual run of standard rally fodder, only this time we can play until you (or we) drop. Might even find time for a spot of open mic or even the dreaded karaoke - strictly, STRICTLY no girlie ballads - just honest to goodness rock this time please. Anyone requesting Celine or Whitney will be stripped, painted blue and removed from site.

Andy Kat's Trad Rock Shack

Andy Kat believes that nothing good came out of the rock music genre after 1980 something. So we're giving him his own P.A. and a party tent with a disco ball in it, so he can take himself and any willing onlookers down his twisted, pot-holed memory lane with a pick and mix of 70's and 80's rock classics and album tracks. Andy Kat's own words: under forties keep out - ya won't get it!

Tiny Tim may make a guest appearance at some point, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked.

If you are a member of a kick-ass band and you want to play at a future Wakinyan - probably in exchange for a beer and a penny bubbly - please contact us in the first instance, by clicking this email link.