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Royal British Legion

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Things may change on here, but for now, we're proud to announce that we will once again be drinking heavily and staggering around the dancefloor, listening to the following :


The Wattingers

Industrial Slaughterhouse Steampunk Blues.

Nuff said, huh? If you want to know more about them, then have a little clicky moment and check out their Facebook page.

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If you want to know more about them, then check out their Facebook page.


The evenings entertainment will be kicked off by the debut gig by a young band called Watling Street.

We have no further info, we don't know if they have Facebook, we don't know if they'll bring an entourage of young chicks. But give them a warm welcome and get off your arse and dance, so they don't think they are crap, just because you are sober...

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Tick Tick Boom is a very experienced five piece rock band attracting rave reviews.

We perform a mix of classic and modern rock songs, we’re not a Heavy Metal band, although we are Humble and we do like to play Hard Rock and like to think we play songs just as they should be played, with total passion, our motto being “Loud and Proud“. We deliver A Tribute to some of the Greatest Rock Acts. Our influences are many and varied and our set features a diverse array of music recorded originally by bands such as the following :-

Free – Thin Lizzy – Sweet – Queen – ZZ Top – Gary Moore – UFO – T-Rex - Bad Company – Gun – Black Sabbath - AC/DC – Deep Purple – Stereophonics – Brian Adams – Gary Moore – Billy Idol – Kinks/Van Halen – Judas Priest – Guns and Roses – Metallica - Iron Maiden – Velvet Revolver – The Beastie Boys and more.

If you want to know more about them, then check out their website.

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The usual run of standard but great rally fodder, only this time we can play until you (or we) drop.

If you are a member of a kick-ass band and you want to play at a future Wakinyan - probably in exchange for a beer and a penny bubbly - please contact us in the first instance, by clicking this email link.