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Order your tickets now!

Tickets are on sale now! But as the artwork is at the printers at the moment, there will be a delay of a few days till we get the delivery - and our shit together...we'll get the tickets to you just as soon as we can.

If you follow these instructions, we'll remove from your bank just fifteen of your hard-earned or ill-gotten pounds for a weekend ticket. (And unfortunately a little bit more for postage).

The first 50 Pre-Book ticket sales will each get one of our fabulous, enamel badges absolutely free! We spoil you, we really do...

Bikes and trikes are free, of course, as is the camping. If you want to turn up in a car, that's fine with us, but I'm afraid we'll have to charge an extra Parking Fee - it's just £5 for the weekend. If you're gonna turn up in one of those huge camper things, then that's gonna be £10.00 for the privilige. MUST pre-book, as we have limited parking space available. Parking Fees are payable on the gate when you arrive and we'll give you a little pass for your vehicle.

Olde worlde way

If you want to buy your tickets with a cheque, please send a stamped, addressed envelope and a cheque for £15.00 per ticket, payable to Salutation MCC, to the following address:

The Keeper of the Little Purse
18 Walmer Meadow
West Midlands

Please scribble down a working email address, if possible.

Whizzy, whizzy, high-tech way

Acceptance Mark

If you want to buy your tickets using that whizzo PayPal nonsense, then click the button below:

Please note...

Closing date for pre-booking tickets is Friday August 24th.

Tickets on the gate - IF AVAILABLE - will be £20.00.